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“Call for papers” open from the Revista Diecisiete.

The revista diecisiete opens this space to receive interdisciplinary contributions that are connected to the Sustainable Development Goals, and that can be included in the monographs that the magazine publishes periodically.

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Call for papers: Sustainable Development Goal 2: End Hunger


Carlos Gregorio Hernández, Senior Lecturer Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Patricia Palma, Director of the Programme of Information Systems for Resilience in Food Security and Nutrition for the SICA Region (PROGRESAN-SICA II)

Amador Gómez, Director of R&D&I at Acción contra el hambre

Human endeavour has made countless advances that seemed impossible years ago. We can talk to each other with small portable phones. We can send messages anywhere in the world in seconds. We can launch ourselves into space to explore the Earth's solar system. Yet we still cannot solve the problem of hunger. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) draws attention to the rise of undernourishment. This remains a threat that mortgages the future of new generations. The millions of people suffering from hunger today diminish their development potential and are the poor of today and tomorrow.

This challenge of hunger requires new models of alliances and radical partnerships. We want to dedicate the ninth issue of the magazine to SDG2, looking at the key issues today, but also at what will determine food and nutrition security, nutrition and hunger reduction in the day after 2030:

- The urbanisation of hunger;

- The close relationship between hunger and poverty;

- The current and future determinants of hunger (conflict, climate change, economics, pandemics, social injustice, among others);

- Hunger as a failure of governance and food and nutrition security as a component of good governance: what are the policy priorities against hunger; what are the linkages between SDGs, fostering spaces for cooperation, access to resources and opportunities for all people?

- New approaches to social agriculture, resilient livelihoods, productive natural resource management;

- Information systems and the lack of granularity of big data and trends. Never before have we had so much information, but what does all this available information add up to?

- Population growth, especially in the developing world, increasing pressure on natural resources and tension over access to productive resources and demand for locally based food systems in a scenario of water scarcity, soil degradation and biodiversity loss.

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Deadline for receipt of articles: 20 June 2023.