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“Call for papers” open from the Revista Diecisiete.

The revista diecisiete opens this space to receive interdisciplinary contributions that are connected to the Sustainable Development Goals, and that can be included in the monographs that the magazine publishes periodically.

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Topic of the seventh monographic issue: Impacts of COVID-19, beyond health

Editors of this number: Juan A. Gimeno Ullastres (UNED), José María Abellán Perpiñán (University of Murcia) and Andrea Amaya Beltrán (itdUPM)

Deadline for receiving articles and collaborations: May 10, 2022

Motivation for the monographic issue

COVID-19 has meant a sudden knock on the situation of relative placidity in which world society found itself. Securities have been shaken and all areas and perspectives have been affected.

In rich countries, the pandemic seems to enter a phase of partial control thanks to access to vaccines, not without continuous outbreaks. Meanwhile, in southern countries, vaccination progresses very slowly, leading humanity to a situation still far from the exit of the tunnel.

During these months the general question was whether we would really come out of this crisis "stronger" or if everything would return to the “previous normal”. We would like to analyze precisely how the pandemic has affected all areas of our lives. Perhaps “all” is an excessive objective, but we will try to at least cover the most relevant ones.

Health systems have revealed their strengths and weaknesses. It is evident that there has been a very generalized economic slowdown, but it has affected groups and sectors unequally. Home-based-working has altered many work schemes. Technologies, always new, have experienced a significant boom, especially in the field of communications. Fake news, disinformation, have flourished with particular virulence.

Cities and the environment have also felt the effects of behavioral changes forced by lockdowns. Care has been revealed as essential when it was traditionally relegated to a secondary role. Virtually all people and families have experienced new sensations, for better and for worse, with relevant psychological consequences...

We need to establish an interdisciplinary dialogue between economics, sociology, psychology, ethics, communication, feminism, health, technology... All perspectives are necessary to achieve a panoramic and complete vision of the changes that COVID has brought about – 19 in our lives.

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